Give The Accessories A Glint of Chrome

A motorcycle is incomplete if it does not have gleaming chrome parts that glint in the sun or reflect a rainbow of colors at night. The lust for chrome is so great that most riders spend hours polishing their bikes to make the chrome glint and gleam. Some even install special chrome parts to give their bikes an added sparkle.

The popular chrome-plated accessories include: chrome cast wheels, backrest with chrome side plates, billet chrome license plate frame, chrome driving light bar, chrome luggage rack, saddlebags with chrome studs, chrome fender bumpers, chrome passenger floorboards and chrome headlamp and signal visors.

One should not forget the exhaust pipes and fenders. These are the first to catch the bikers’ fancy. They make sure that the exhaust pipes and fenders get an extra coating of chrome if they are not satisfied with what the manufacturer have given them.

A popular stop of young bikers is the chrome-plating shops, which use a three-part process to chrome plate motorcycle parts. The first step is soaking the parts in a copper bath. This is done to remove imperfections, and make the surface smooth. Then comes the nickel bath. The last step is the application of a chromium film. It is now the turn of polishers to take over. They patiently polish the surface till it starts gleaming.

The bikers love what they see, and take infinite care to keep the chromium –plated accessories the same away. They try to ensure that the parts don’t get scratched and the polishing is done regularly. The selection of polish is especially important. It is best to go for a branded product that has a sufficient amount of wax in it. Polishes that have extra grit damage the chromium film.

Also, a soft cloth should be used to polish the surface. This reduces the chances of scratching the surface inadvertently. A good practice is to remove the ring while polishing. Often, the ring comes in the way and leaves a scratch on the polished chrome surface.

The bikers should also be careful of using newly chromed exhausts. They should avoid driving long distances with a new exhaust, as this may turn the exhaust blue. The best practice is to run the bike over shorter distances initially so that the exhaust pipes get used to the heating and cooling process.

All bikers must remember that chrome plating will look good only if they take good care of it.

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